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If the one thing you need is a known brand; If you need someone who can tell your story better than you; If your company progresses towards business, environmental or employment sustainability, you need a partner with a vast network taking care of your communication.
This is who we are.
Experienced, open, digital. Professionals. 



Anyone moving in a sustainable direction with their company, business, or organisation is still in time. But time is running out. Although EU regulations apply only to the most prominent companies when it comes to sustainability or ESG (non-financial) reporting, news and research show: financial actors (investors, banks, financial funds), existing and sought-after employees, customers all expect your company to have real, credible environmental, social responsibility and ethical values. Without it, there will soon be no business. 

Through our unique service, Region Media, with a professional sustainability manager with 25 years of media and PR experience, helps to present corporate culture’s green, responsible elements to your stakeholders, the country or even globally. 

  • We prepare your sustainability report according to accepted standards (GRI).
  • We make your responsible activities known through social media and external media communication.
  • We take care of the content of external and even internal communication.
  • We organize and prepare you for your conference appearances and presentations.
  • All this in a way to fully avoid the problem of greenwashin.
  1. Content creation
  2. Social media strategy and implementation
  3. Media communication
  4. Full-scale preparation of publications
  5. Graphic design

Content creation

  • Creating a content strategy according to your needs;
  • Creating content in Hungarian and English language: from collecting material to editing;
  • Copywriting with 25 years of routine;
  • Photography, and video production not letting go of quality but flexibly, and quickly;
  • Blog post, newspaper article, native advertising, rich media – adapting to the customer CMS;
  • Creating presentations;
  • Through our network, we find subject matter experts to make professional content perfect for social media communication;

Social media strategy and implementation

  • Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok;
  • Creating posts (text, images, videos); 
  • Managing advertising and PPC camp;
  • Monthly reports along with preliminary KPIs;

Media communication

  • Building press relations, compiling press lists;
  • Preparation and distribution of press releases;
  • Organisation of media appearances and media training;
  • Organisation and preparation of conference appearances and presentations;
  • Development of media partnerships;
  • Media buying, advertising;

Full-scale preparation of publications

  • Digital and printed publications – from text to prepress;
  • Copywriting, proofreading of your, booklet, brochure, catalogue, book, or bookazine – both in digital and print;

Graphic design

  • Creating illustrations and images for both digital and print use;
  • Photo editing ( image editing, image manipulation, prepress);
  • Layout design from business card to books;,
  • Creating a complete brand image;

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