Content is the focus of Region Media’s communication, public relations, and creative agency. The communication of a company, a social enterprise or any organisation is based on an exciting story and authentic and convincing content: despite a good press relationship, a professionally created social media platform or website, lacking this makes achieving the desired goals or the introduction of a successful brand impossible.

The experience of our company founders is several decades old. Twenty years spent in the Hungarian media, well-known publishers, corporate and non-profit clients, and thousands of articles, posts, illustrations, publications, press releases, lectures, and radio programs guarantee that our clients who need communication will fall into good hands.  Although our work is multifaceted, our focus is clearly to find the critical messages and authentic content in our customers’ spirit and corporate culture.

Different stories will motivate different kinds of people. We need an equally wide range of stories. The positive ones tend to get forgotten and these also need to be told, with hopeful and positive depictions of what the future could look like.

Dr Arran Stibbe, ecolinguist


Tamás Mehlhoffer

PR and Communication Partner, business sustainability communication

“You did this on your own? I thought it was an army,” a former colleague told Tamás about one of his successful educational campaigns for one of our clients. This quote describes him well; most of his work is defined by robust strategy and execution. Still, the attention and prudence that comes with the profession are also present in his approach, for example, in crisis communication.
Tamás started as a journalist and continued in the first half of the millennium as editor-in-chief for dozens of media outlets (for example, the former Népszabadság, Magyarország.hu, Haszon, Pannon Lapok).  With his production business, he managed a real estate portal and produced publications for HVG, a premier magazine for BBJ, and his clients included large real estate companies and publishers (Express, Central). Over the past few years, he has become known as the Global Director of Public Relations and Communications of Tungsram Group. He helped build the company’s international brand, having just split from GE, with sustainability communication, social media, and world-class media campaigns. 
In addition to his extensive and state-of-the-art arsenal of experience, he is a dedicated green communicator who,  in addition to activism, is well-established in business sustainability communication and thought leadership and knows and can integrate corporate interests. As a qualified sustainability manager,  he can develop the entire corporate sustainability action plan, design & produce ESG reports.

Dóra Csulák

managing director, communication expert, graphic designer

Dóra graduated in 2003 with a degree in communication. In her college years, she worked as a copywriter and journalist and spent his internship years at Népszabadság and the evening newspaper relaunched at that time. For the past two decades, he has worked as a copywriter, professional blogger, online magazine editor, photo editor, publishing editor, and then art director. She graduated with a degree in graphic design in 2020.
The heart of his heart has always been the full-scale execution of publications: from image creation to copywriting and editing, to image editing, to pagination and prepress, he likes to keep this colourful and exciting process in one hand. He believes that it is almost unique knowledge in the domestic market if someone can combine and implement it in one person; moreover, it is also a time-saving and cost-effective solution for the customer. In addition, of course, other graphic tasks are not far from him: he designs an image, creates company brochures, and is happy to implement unique ideas.