Production of Publications

Region Media’s work and the founders’ decades of experience in publishing production (references: monthly magazines and daily newspapers, CSR reports, e-booklets, brochures) guarantee that our clients have a realistically priced publication that meets their needs, supported by project management.

We can help you with the following:

  1. Digital and print publications from launch to finish
  2. Copywriting, copy editing, proofreading
  3. Graphic design (layout, image editing, pagination, graphs)
  4. Prepress


CSR research for Scale Impact and the Hungarian PR Association

Sustainability Communication

Our work focuses on sustainability, mostly on its environmental and social aspects (the first two letters of ESG).

Our client’s, GREEN BRANDS Hungary’s core business is issuing green audits and organising sustainability courses – its comprehensive, strategic communication tasks give us opportunities to publish expert content in their blogs, in the media and at professional events.

We have a weekly presence on the sustainability radio program called “Yesterday of Tomorrow” at the Budapest radio station Radiocafé, where we analyse international sustainability news.

The team, led by our communication partner Tamás Mehlhoffer, prepared Hungarian electronic manufacturer Tungsram’s corporate CSR reports, the last published edition of which is already the sustainability aspects of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The team also prepared a sustainability action plan for Tungsram, which could not be realised due to the bankruptcy and liquidation of the company.

We can help you with the following:

  1. Sustainability, ESG media communication
  2. ESG and sustainability (non-financial) reports
  3. Expert blog posts


Certified Sustainability Manager training recruitment campaign

Radiocafé 98.0 Sustainability radio program “Yesterday of Tomorrow”

Tungsram CSR Report 2020 (in English and Hungarian)

Tungsram publication: 5 Challenges of the Post-Covid World

Content Production

Both sustainability audit/training company GREEN BRANDS Hungary and social enterprise Scale Impact communicate based on our content strategy. Our team is responsible for the content of their blogs, press releases and videos – we also distribute this content (media and social media communication, websites). We also aid with presentations and minor communication materials.

We can help you with the following:

  1. Creating and executing a content strategy
  2. Copywriting and editing
  3. Creating blog posts, interviews
  4. Video and photography
  5. Presentations


Social Media Management

We executed successful PPC campaigns for GREEN BRANDS Hungary to recruit students for their Certified Sustainability Manager training. With the help of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram campaigns, the number of students doubled in 4 months.

For the Hungarian subsidiary of the German automotive manufacturer Krone, we publish popular image and video content on their Facebook page and manage their PPC campaigns. While translating the parent company’s videos, we also expand the number of followers by experimenting with new types of Hungarian content.

We can help you with the following:

  1. Content creation for social media platforms
  2. Management of PPC campaigns
  3. Ad management

GREEN BRANDS Facebook – LinkedIn pages

KRONE Trailer Hungary Facebook page